Top 10 Financial Fraud Detection Solution Companies - 2018

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Kount: The Front-Line In Fraud Prevention Battlefront

Top 10 Financial Fraud Detection Solution Companies - 2018

Advancements in modern technologies with the advent of the internet and mobile computing have resulted in the increase of financial fraud, which has wide-reaching ramifications in the finance industry. Fraud can destabilize economies and have a strong impact on people's cost of living. These consequences are pale in comparison to the dominos that are propelled to fall along with it that includes real costs in lost productivity, damage to reputations, and customer confidence. Apart from these, there are the small anomalies and glitches that go undetected, impossible to account for and assess. Thus, preventing and detecting fraud has become a critical driver for the financial services industry.

When it comes to fraud detection, most financial services organizations face challenges such as disparate transaction systems, piecemeal fraud detection solutions, high operational costs and balancing customer experience with added security.

The industry is on a desperate quest for better ways to fight fraud, without added costs or shackles that hinder organizations from driving down costs and enabling innovations. In order to save the day, it has become critical for enterprises to deliver the right fraud solution that provides huge benefits across the entire financial chain. In the last few months, based on these technological advances, a distinguished panel comprising of CEOs, CFOs and analysts, along with CFO Tech Outlook’s editorial board reviewed and shortlisted the top companies that are at the forefront of delivering turnkey fraud detection solutions. We present to you CFO Tech Outlook’s “Top 10 Financial Fraud Detection Solution Providers - 2018,” featuring the companies that can deliver competitive advantage to the financial sector.

    Top Financial Fraud Detection Solution Companies

  • Offers a patented software-only biometric password that uses gesture-based biometric technology for identity verification online

  • Credit Plus has been delivering the information and verification services mortgage professionals need to make smart lending decisions and help their clients

  • Excelerate Technology is a software firm selling specialized OCR and analysis software of Altia-ABM, namely Financial Investigation Toolkit and Financial Analysis Toolbar

  • A leading innovator of solutions for fraud and risk management, Kount enables its clients to accept more orders from more people in more places than ever before

  • Offers a data-driven approach to analyze and determine financial frauds whereby it assesses financial data to identify anomalies in transaction patterns or periods

  • SAS


    Helps businesses understand customer fraud and risk behavior patterns across multiple lines of business using powerful advanced analytics on a single enterprise platform

  • Actico


    Provides intelligent data analysis specifically for insurance companies and financial service providers in detecting fraud

  • Guardian Analytics

    Guardian Analytics

    Provides behavioral analytics and machine learning solutions for fraud detection and anti-money laundering software for financial institutions and enterprise organizations

  • NICE Actimize

    NICE Actimize

    Provides machine learning analytics for accurate crime detection with robotic process automation to increase productivity and reduce investigation time

  • Quatrro Processing

    Quatrro Processing

    Provides fraud prevention for financial instutions by levraging synergic technology solutions and human intelligence